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Nokia N8 Troubled

Top mobile phone manufacturer Nokia to admit there is a problem in their flagship new smartphone, N8. In fact, this phone is positioned to help take back lost market share.

Some customers reported that the N8 they can die suddenly and can not be stated again in a short time. In fact, although at that time there was no problem with the system battery or power the phone."It's not all problematic, but we do not have exact numbers," said a company spokesman, Tapani Kaskinen.

Parties Nokia said that the complaint has emerged in recent days, prompting Nokia to release a video interview on Thursday (18/11) and then to Executive Vice President, Niklas Savander, in which he said that he was 'worried' about the disabled. "We're investigating how we assemble the machines," Savander said, adding that the company has taken 'precautions' in all their product lines to solve the problem.

For the short term, problem solved by mobile phone warranty, and if the original handset can not be repaired then the customer will be given a new unit, said Kaskinen. N8, which is the company's first handset to run the Symbian platform 3,

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