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Jerseylicious S03E17 Season 3 Episode 17 Kelly Ripa Does Jersey 3x17

The Jerseylicious Season 3 Episode 17: Kelly Ripa Does Jersey  series stars Gayle Giacomo who is the owner of The Gatsby Salon located in Green brook Township, New Jersey. There’s Christy who’s the manager, and Gayle’s daughter. Olivia is a co-lead makeup artist at the Gatsby Salon and a former employee at Glam Fairy. Tracy is another one of the employees at the salon and is an occasional rival of Olivia. Other members of The Gatsby Salon are Gigi, Anthony, Alexa, Briella, and Filippo.

Don’t forget to watch the next episode of the television series and watch Jerseylicious Season 3 Episode 17: Kelly Ripa Does Jersey online . But before everything else, let’s see what happened on the last episode. Tracy applied for an internship at a magazine, which left Olivia to manage a Gatsby event by herself, and Gigi and Frankie had a relationship-changing experience. Coming up next, Kelly Ripa will be visiting Gatsby, and it will cause tension between Gayle and Tracy, Gigi will try to befriend with Frankie, and Filly and Mikey will enter a bodybuilding contest.

We’re talking about great hair! Big, glamorous hair that’s all about drama and comedy, and a lot of feuds as well. Watch Jerseylicious Season 3 Episode 17: Kelly Ripa Does Jersey online when the next episode of the television series airs on August 28, 2011. Jerseylicious is an American documentary-soap opera that covers the story of the employees of the newly renovated Gatsby Salon. So the Gatsby Salon relaunched once more with a multimillion dollar renovation on its wake. They began hiring new employees in 2009 which included Tracy DiMarco and Olivia Blois Sharpe. The television series covers the story of the personal and professional lives of the two owners and several hairstylists and makeup artists residing in New Jersey who all work in the Gatsby Salon.

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